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Child food tasting

Make time fly with these fun indoor activities


Child playing

Pots and Pans Mozart 
Is your little one musically inclined? Use plastic cups, pots and pans to create instruments for your little one to tap on with wooden spoons. You can even will some pots with water and show your baby how the sound changes. 

Child crawling

Crawling champion 
Test your toddler’s patience by challenging them to crawl under the table and timing how long they can keep still. The longer they can the more you can reward them.


Toilet paper roller 

Is your toddler tired of toys? How about a toilet roll instead? Rolling and unrolling the toilet paper around can be fun and you can even use a box as a goal to see if your little one can successfully roll it in. 

Child with clothes

Wardrobe explorer 

Let your child explore and play with the different textures of fabric in your wardrobe. Hang a variety of scarves, dresses and trousers and let your child crawl around them in your wardrobe.


Child cooking

Mini Masterchef 
oes your little one like to emulate your movements in the kitchen? Give your child a mini kitchen of his or her own! Set up some frying pans and fill them with dry food items like beans, nuts and dried mushrooms. Your child can then stir it and pretend to fry the items. 

Child with laundry

Laundry basketball 

Are you raising a basketball star in-the-making? Start them young by letting them practice throwing balled-up clothes into the laundry basket from a distance. Mummy and Daddy can join in the fun too to see who can throw the laundry from the furthest distance. 

Child on cushion

Climbing up the cushion mountain 
This is a great activity for active toddlers who just can’t stop moving around. Build a small hill out of pillows and cushions on your child’s bed and let them climb away. Through climbing and sliding down, your child can get some exercise and get rid of that extra energy.


Flashcard Fun! 
Flashcards are a great way to teach new things to your toddler! From names of objects and colours, to simple things like the alphabet and words. What’s more you can even customize your own flashcards with our handy templates. Simply swipe up to print them out and design your own.


Child Cardboard

Cardboard Castle 

Use old cardboard boxes to build a castle for your little one. Use your imagination and stack them in creative ways and get your little one in on the fun when it comes to painting and decorating the house. With paints, markers, crayons and some imagination, your little one will have a castle of their own in no time!

Child food tasting

Junior Food Taster 

Exposing your little one to new flavours from an early age can make them less fussy as they grow older. Prepare small cups of ingredients like fruit and vegetables and different seasonings like honey, vinegar and sauce and let them mix and match the flavours themselves!

Which animal are you

Which Animal Are You? 

Bring the zoo to your living room with this fun role-playing game for the whole family! Using animal masks, you can get your little one to pretend to growl or walk on all fours – just like zoo animals! Make it even more fun with some animal masks, which you can design yourself or swipe up to download templates.


The Great Pretender 

Playing pretend is a great way to develop your child’s ability to deal with emotions and nurtures their imagination. You can create a scenario and get your little one to improvise and play along by completing tasks. Swipe up for scenario suggestions!