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5 Fun home exercise to do with your little one

Get moving with these fun exercises for parent and child! Here are a few ideas of how you and your little one can stay physically active and burn some calories together while staying home.

Exercise Cropping

1. Crouching Bear Crawls

Let’s pretend to be bears! To walk like a bear, lift your knees off the floor and walk on your palms and feet. Once Baby Bear gets the hang of it, Momma Bear and Baby Bear can race across the living room and back. Who’s the fastest bear in the family and who has the loudest roar?


2. Be a Star! Jumps

The whole family can be stars together. Curl up into a ball, then explode into the air with all your might! Jump as high as you can and shout, “I’m a star!”

Invisible Chair

3. Do the invisible chair

How many times can you sit on the invisible chair in 60 seconds? With your arms stretched forward, bend your knees 90 degrees while keeping them shoulder width apart. You’ll be surprised by how good children are at squatting! If regular squats are too easy for your little one, challenge them to variations, like deep squats, squat-jumps and squats with their hands pointing to the sky.


4. Patience-testing Planks

Parents and children can compete to see who can hold a plank position the longest. Facing one another, keep a vertical position with only your forearms and the balls of your feet touching the floor. Don’t let your knees or belly touch the ground or else you’re out of the game. If you help your child develop strong core muscles, he or she will naturally develop good posture and greater overall strength.

Jumping Monkey

5. Jumping Monkeys

Once kids learn how to do jumping jacks, they can lead the whole family at their pace. You can add overhead claps to increase difficulty or even create a sequence by combining all the moves you’ve learned!

We hope that these exercises will help you and your little one bond while staying healthy and active! Now go break a sweat!


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