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Mum and Child

6 family activities that turn playing into bonding

Make the most of your kid’s endless resources of energy and turn play moments into ultra-special family bonding activities. Whether you are looking for activities to do at home or outdoors, start with these easy ways to grow together naturally with your child today! 


Meet new animal pals

Be it at the zoo or in a farm, interacting with animals and sharing an adventure in the world of nature can spark special moments for the whole family to cherish


Grow your own food

Start a growing project with your child, and you could both pick up a greater understanding of patience and appreciation of nature.


Have a dress-up day

Role playing can be a very rewarding experience for both mum and child3, cultivating your creativity and imagination as you share moments and grow together.


Get busy in the kitchen

Cooking is a fun and tasty way to explore the different senses with your child, building their vocabulary through sight, taste and touch.


Join the band

Jamming to music builds bonds as well as motor skills, and also lets you explore creative ideas alongside each other.


Swing those hips

Bonding happens when you pick up new things together, and hula hooping4 is also a fun and easy way to improve your coordination and fitness!

Whether it’s trying a new sport or experiencing new adventures, see how sharing the journey of growth can help mums, dads and kids grow together.