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8 playful recipes to get your little one excited about veggies

We all want to give nutritious natural goodness to our children, so that they will grow up healthy. This often includes a variety of vegetables packed with all the essential nutrients they need for development. But if your child finds veggies less than palatable, all it takes is a little creativity to prepare delicious and playful meals that your kid will find irresistible. Here are 8 printable recipe cards that show you how to turn common food enemies into friends.

Recipe #1: Cheesy Asparagus Wands

Fuss-free and easy to prepare, watch these yummy wands magically disappear into junior’s belly!1


Recipe #2: Crispy Elf Hats

Great for boosting bones and immunity, here’s a tasty way to bring brussels sprouts to your daily meals.2


Recipe #3: I Scream for Avocado!

Much healthier and more nutritious than regular ice cream, this recipe is a treat to make and enjoy!3


Recipe #4: Crinkly Orange Soldiers

Using carrots to create a wonderful and oh-so-fun-to-eat alternative to potato crisps, it’ll be hard for junior to stop at just one piece!4


Recipe #5: Crunch ‘n Munch!

Here’s a delightful way to make batches of crunchy green peas for healthy snacking at anytime!5


Recipe #6: Snowy Flowers

Put a spin on crisp cauliflower and turn it into a silky smooth mash that every kid will absolutely love!6


Recipe #7: Popeye’s Pasta

Can’t stomach spinach on its own? Mix it into pasta and serve up a creamy power-packed meal!7


Recipe #8: Sunshine on a Stick

All you need is a blender and freezer to make this happy, healthy and delicious papaya treat!8

To have a balanced diet, your little one would benefit by eating a wide variety of vegetables and these fun-filled recipes will have them do just that! Now, you can give your child the natural nutrients he or she needs to develop well while adding an element of imaginative play to meal times.