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Level Up With 5 Tech-Smart Parenting Ideas

Like many multi-tasking parents these days, you probably use a variety of tech and gadgets in your day-to-day. Be it searching for health tips, staying on top of trending topics or keeping in touch with the people that matter, technology is helping us live smarter and become even more efficient parents. Here’s a quick lineup of some innovative parenting tech which you may already be using or want to bring home! 

Smart diapers that alert you when it’s time for a change

Instead of waiting for your child to cry as a signal for nappy change, smart diapers with built-in moisture sensors can now send alerts to your smartphone or computer when it’s wet. It’s particularly useful if you want to quickly ease your child’s discomfort, or simply need to be away from the cot while he’s safely sleeping or playing.


Smart bassinets that help little ones sleep longer and better

With features to automatically rock or vibrate itself and even play soothing sounds, these smart bassinets are designed to help young children sleep more restfully. Of course the bonus benefit is that it can help tired parents like you enjoy a better night’s rest knowing that your child’s sleeping well.


Smart monitors that do more than keep an eye on your child

Most families would already know about baby monitors and have one at home since this tech has been around for much longer. Smarter models these days however are built with highly advanced features that even monitor your child’s heart rate and oxygen levels. With a wide variety of models for different budgets and needs, it’s easy to find one that fits yours. 

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Smart home assistants to broaden your child’s mind

There’s enough research to show why it’s never too early to start reading with your little ones. But some days, you may want to change up your bedtime story routine or simply take a break. That’s when smart home devices like Alexa can come in handy to tell a story in your place.

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Smart tracking solutions to see where your child’s food comes from

Ever stood at the supermarket aisle and wondered out of the many, many options available – which milk should you pick for your child? One way to help you make an informed decision is to know confidently where and how the milk was made. Most times, you can just use your mobile phone to scan the QR code at the bottom of the tin to access information about its origin and process journey. The level of details you can see do vary across brands so be sure to choose one that offers you the most quality assurance.


Whichever you prefer, each of these smart tech parenting ideas is designed to help care for your child’s needs effectively – and safely. With these smart assistants to ease your load, you can have more time and energy to enjoy your little one’s growing up moments together.