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Trace the Quality of Your Food With Greater Transparency

QR codes are popping up everywhere we go. Even on the packs of carrots you see at the grocery store. Just use your mobile phone to scan the code and you can see which farms they were grown on. This need for transparency is one of the biggest food trends now; fuelled by consumers who are becoming more conscious and concerned about what they eat. They want to know more details about how their food is produced – beyond the packaging label. 

Feeding the demand for food transparency with technology

Did you know? According to the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations (UNFAO), consumers need to feel reassured by the quality and safety of the food they choose to eat. One way brands and retailers are responding is to provide us with clear, reliable information about the food’s origins, going as far as to show us their entire production process. This is done conveniently with the use of RFID, NFC and QR Code technologies.


More parents want greater transparency in food made for children

Understandably, parents like you are also seeking greater transparency on the food you choose for your kids. Especially in all kinds of processed food for young children. This is clearly seen in the 40% increase in online search volume for such information. 

We hear you mums on what you need

At Friso, we’ve always been driven by our commitment to nutrition quality. Knowing parents need more clarity, we acted quickly to prioritise a solution that would reassure you of our fully controlled, grass to glass journey. To help us serve your needs more fruitfully, we asked parents like you for your thoughts on food source transparency.

Mom Infographic

Up to 96% of mums said it wasn’t enough to just rely on information found on the packaging.

Farmer Scientist

Up to 97% want to know more about the quality checks done at the food source and during production.                           


Phone & Tin


Building on these insights, we created Friso TrackEasy to provide you with a simple yet immediate and transparent view of our milk’s production journey. Starting from the source, our Holland-owned farms, you can track the journey of every Friso tin and see the rigorous quality checks it has gone through at every stage before arriving in her hands. It’s a unique journey that can only come to life with Friso’s full ownership and control of the entire production process. 


With Friso TrackEasy, you can feel more reassured knowing that every tin you bring home is made to the best quality and safety standards. Scan a tin now and start tracking its full journey!




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