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Milk Quality

Milk Quality Concerns? Let Friso TrackEasy Reassure You.

Your child’s growing up fast and you want to give her the best nutrition possible. But with so many growing up milk options available, how do you even begin? One great way to start is to look at the milk’s origins and understand the process it has gone through to deliver the quality promised. Is this even possible? Yes – If you’re using Friso TrackEasy! With just a quick scan of our tin using your mobile phone, you’ll get a transparent view of our milk’s full production journey. Here’s what you can expect. 
Westerhof Wachtum Gold

You can see the source of our milk. Our Holland-owned farms.

At Friso, we own our farms and are in full control of our grass-to-glass milk quality. This is also why you can actually start tracking your tin of milk’s journey right from our own farms in Holland where cows enjoy the most nourishing environment to help them produce their best milk. With Friso TrackEasy, you’ll get an immersive 360° view of our farms to see the clear blue skies, lush pastures and of course, our farmers and cows. You can also see real-time updates of the farms’ weather and air quality conditions.



Farmer & Scientist

You can see our rigorous quality checks at every step

Inside each farm, you’ll see the exact dates showing when it was last checked for overall quality conditions, cows’ health and milk quality. Beyond that, you can also see our other rigorous checks at the milk collection, transportation, processing, packaging and final quality check stages. From our dedicated dairy farmers to our certified milk truck drivers and expert lab analysts, everyone plays an important part to keep our milk safe and full of nature’s best quality.

TE Arrival Page

You can see the details you need, even the date when our milk landed on your shores

Besides learning in detail what nourishing nutrients are inside our milk, you’ll see when the tin you’re holding was exported from Holland – and when it arrived at your local shipping port. That’s what we call full chain transparency.

Cow Gif

You can see the reassuring details you need on an easy-to-use interface

We designed Friso TrackEasy to give mums what you need to know quickly and simply. If you’re at the store, just use your smartphone to scan the QR code at the bottom of your tin. If you’re at home and prefer to use your desktop, simply key in the QR code here and you’ll be brought to our page.    



At the bottom of the page is an interactive blue progress bar with icons marking the parts of our milk production journey that you can track. Go on, click around and be amazed by the amount of information you have in your hands.

To see our farms

Click on the farms icon on the progress bar and a map with bouncing geotag pins will pop out. Each pin is marked by an individual farm ID to represent one farm. Tap or click on any one of them to virtually pop in for a visit!



It takes the confidence that comes from having full control of our milk production process – refined with 140 years of dairy expertise – to provide parents with such a transparent view of our signature grass to glass journey. With Friso TrackEasy, you can feel more assured knowing that every tin you bring home is made with the greatest dedication to quality. 


Scan a tin of now and see the Friso TrackEasy difference!