Overcome digestive problems with a swim

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Overcome digestive problems with a swim

Experiencing more with some time in a pool can be one solution to the constipation that results from increased progesterone. We aim to help the muscles of digestive organs to relax so that food will stay longer before it is fully digested. From simple in-pool exercises to a gentle swim, pool time is sure to help ease this discomfort.

Swimming in the morning also helps prevent backaches and morning sickness. Alison Bourne, a physiotherapist and member of the medical advisory board of babycenter.co.uk, explained that this is ideal for pregnant women in aiding their bodies adjust to pregnancy. Swimming will also keep your heart fit and maintain your weight during pregnancy. You will be able to sleep better by swimming regularly too.

Getting started
Be sure to consult your gynaecologist heading to the pool and be sure to drink 1 glass of water beforehand to prevent dehydration.

Light exercises
While these are simple warm-up exercises, they're still great for relieving constipation if you're not up to a full swim. First, sit by the pool and move your legs as if you were peddling a bicycle to relax your calf muscles. When you are in the water, continue the warm up by holding onto the side of the pool and kicking your legs as if you were swimming. Now walk around the pool and stay in the shallow end, while relaxing your leg and arm muscles.

Swim time!
Ready for your swim? Good! Start by trying to swim in strokes such as breaststroke and freestyle. Do not swim in the butterfly stroke to minimise movement on hips and spines. The breaststroke can especially help cure backaches caused by the extra weight in the abdominal area. Keep this up till you feel a bit tired, then take a break by the side of the pool. 30 minutes is the ideal amount of time to spend swimming. Remember: Don't force yourself to swim if you're not feeling up to it!

Swim class
There are plenty of swim classes around that are dedicated to pregnant mums. Attending one of these not only helps you get the right kind of exercise, but also allows you time to bond with other pregnant mums and even form a loosely knit support group for each other!

And be sure to capture all these special moments in the pool. You could start a photo album for your child called "Our First Swim Together", where you introduce them to the other mummies that you got to know during your time at the pool!

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