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ways to keep tummy trouble

Stomach Pain in Kids - Ways to help keep tummy troubles at bay

When a child is not eating well or experiences discomfort, this might be due to tummy troubles .

Tiny tummies are vulnerable and susceptible to digestive problems like constipation and regurgitation. Have you noticed your child being extra fussy, feeling gassy, not eating well, not sleeping well, red-faced or squirming and nothing you do seems to soothe him or her? Perhaps your child is experiencing tummy troubles. 


Indigestion in children can manifest in many different ways, so arm yourself with the right information on signs and symptoms of tummy troubles. 

Signs that your child may be having tummy troubles

throws tantrums

Throws tantrums1

Loses patience easily 

energy level drops

Energy level drops5

Less active than usual 

appetite decreases

Appetite decreases1

Eats lesser with each meal 

mood changes

Mood swings1

Cries more often* 

* However, if your child is crying for more than three hours a day, three or more days a week, for three or more weeks, it may be a possible sign of colic. 

bristol stool scale

Watery Stools1

Gets dehydrated very quickly (sign of diarrhea)  



Spits up large amount of milk after feeding (sign of regurgitation) 

others causes

Infrequent Bowel Movements4

Difficulty in pooping (sign of constipation) 

While these signs may point to indigestion in kids, you should ideally consult your pediatrician to confirm if there’s truly a problem. Adopting the following five lifestyle habits may also help keep your child tummy-happy.  

5 ways to keep tummy troubles away

soccer ball

Live active 

This keeps food moving in the gut and promotes better digestion.  


Drink constantly2

Drinking water regularly helps to ease your child’s upset stomach. Water helps to maintain body fluid when your child is passing watery stools and it also helps to break down dry stool during constipation.  


Small, frequent feeds 

Eating small meals frequently minimises bloating. 

ways to keep tummy trouble at bay

Eat just enough 

Avoid overloading your child’s digestive system. 


Feast on enzymes3

Foods like pineapples and  papayas are rich in enzymes that can help with digestion in children experiencing bloating. 

Foods like bananas and rice help add bulk to your child’s digestive system and replenish nutrients and minerals through diarrhea. 

Foods like broccoli and berries are rich in fibre that can help prevent constipation. 

Tummy troubles can be caused by a variety of factors. Fortunately, there are many ways of easing the pain too! We hope these tips will help you relieve your child’s discomfort!