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Gassy Child? Don’t Worry, Parents!

How to relief gassy toddlers: How to prevent and relieve bloated stomach, and hard tummy in kids

If your toddler is often gassy, don’t worry! Gas build-up in young children is common and easily relieved. If you know how to burp your child correctly and arm yourself with a few other remedies as well, your child will be happy and comfortable again in no time. 


Learning how to burp a young child the right way is a delicate rite of passage for all new parents, but this can become second nature once you’ve mastered the basic tenets.  

mom and baby burping

The most popular method involves holding your kid in a slightly upright position so that there is gentle pressure on the tummy. You can hold your child in this position on your shoulder or chest, and switch your child between your right and left sides.2 Adjust the angle of his or her head so that the head is higher than the stomach – this is to help liquids in the gastrointestinal tract sink and air bubbles to rise.1

belly massage

A nice belly massage can soothe a gassy child too. Simply lie your child face up and use your fingers to rub his or her belly very gently in a clockwise motion.1 Make sure that he or she looks comfortable. If all else fails, a warm bath might sooth your child – it’s great for relaxing stressed out adults too! 

You are now equipped with several methods of relieving your child the next time he or she is gassy! Gas can be one cause of colic or bouts of crying, but colic isn’t always caused by gas.3 If you child experiences prolonged periods of gassiness, it is recommended that you bring your child to a paediatrician. 



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