First-month questions

Pregnancy Guide

First-month questions

Welcome to motherhood! It sounds so new and exciting – and it is! – but you'll grow out of the excitement and into pure happiness soon enough! Naturally though, there are some questions that you're certain to have as a new mum! Don't worry. You'll experience more these days, but we're here to guide you through everything from changes in your body to embryo development.

Changes in your body 
Pregnancy is a new phase of every woman's life. The physical changes during this happy time might seem unfamiliar, but relax! According to Dr. HM. Bayu Wahyudi, MOH, SPOG, 50 to 70% of pregnant women suffer from things like nausea and occasionally fatigue, headache and fever. These issues arise as your body is adapting to the embryo in your womb. It's all perfectly natural! 

Embryo development 
The discomfort of early pregnancy becomes insignificant when you think of the new life that is in your body! Yes, your child has started to develop, and will grow tremendously in your womb. But in this early period, your child is only an embryo of 0.1 - 0.2 mm in size in its second week. Their organs and bodily systems will form and develop gradually. Your child's lower limbs will start to grow soon enough and the intestines and nerves are developing. 

Together with the family 
We're always here for you, but we're not your only support. Be sure to talk to your husband or parents about your pregnancy. They will provide a soothing voice and comfort to keep you relaxed, as you get ready to welcome the newest member of the family! 

And, most importantly, get used to being called mum! Because that's what you are! Get ready for a whole new life of happiness and joy, all waiting for you in less than nine months!

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