First Year: 9 months-old

Learning and Experiences

First Year: 9 months-old
You will be amused at how your child has developed so far! They will not be afraid of exploring their surroundings. Their needs for nutritious food will become more complex as they are growing up. Give your child solid nutritious food to develop their digestive system. One way is to apply the ‘Eat the Rainbow' method, which is a plate consisting of colourful foods made of vegetables and fruits. Observe your child's physical growth. You will be surprised!
Motor Skills Development 
If your child was still crawling last month, by now they should be able to wander around the room. Make sure that your house is free of harmful objects while your child is playing. After your child masters how to crawl, it is now time for them to stand. Babies will first sit and stand while holding on to sofa for 30 - 60 seconds. Afterwards, your child will try to shift their legs and walk slowly while still holding onto the sofa. They may not know what to do when they stand for the first time. Your child may even cry for help. Give them a hand by holding them at the hips and guide them forward. 

Social & Emotional Skills Development 
You might wonder why your child has become afraid of things that your child was not afraid of before. For example, they may be afraid of heights when they start to stand. Don't worry, it is not a setback in your child's development! According to the research conducted by the University of California in Berkeley and Doshisha University in Kyoto, babies develop a sense of self-preservation against heights when they start learning to crawl and walk by themselves. This is good as it indicates that your child can receive visual information quickly, identify the objects around and read surrounding situations and conditions. When you come to your child's rescue, it will pacify them. 

Language Skills Development 
Your child may understand a few words, names and simple sentences by now. To improve their language skills, you can read storybooks to expand their vocabulary. To make it more interactive, you can play a copy game with your child. Mention the objects around your child, such as milk, cat, toy, car and t-shirt and ask your child to repeat the words together. Stand in front of your child and speak slowly so your child can read your lips. 

Cognitive Skills Development 
Your child now understands the concept of object permanence better. When you jokingly take a toy away from them, they will not simply ignore the toy and start looking for it. Your child's memory is getting better as well. They can identify those people that they recognise, their favourite objects, and toys that they often play with. If you have frequently played the peekaboo game, your child may actively follow you by covering and uncovering their face. 

Congratulations! Your child is ready to step into the next phase of life. Do not miss the vaccination scheduled for your child this month to ensure that they're healthy for other adventures. Your child will receive the same vaccination once they're 5 - 7 years old.

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