First Year: 11 months-old

Learning and Experiences

First Year: 11 months-old
Your child must have learned a lot by now. As your child's memory is getting better, you might want to introduce new stimulants through new activities to boost their development. You definitely do not want them to miss these precious moments. Keep your child healthy by giving them the right amounts of nutritious food. 
Motor Skills Development 
You may wonder when your child will start walking. Many parents expect their babies to walk by their first birthday. The age in which babies are able to walk ranges from 9 to 18 months old, but remember that this is not an exact guide and your child is a unique individual. Brenda Nixon, a child development expert and writer of The Birth to Five Book, said that a child's ability to walk is not related to their intelligence. It is more to do with your child's habits, so don't compare them with your friends' children. Some babies are confident enough to crawl from one place to another place when given a toy. Other babies may need others to hold them to walk. Try to understand your child better to give them the right motivation to walk. 

Social & Emotional Skills Development 
When your child is a year old, they will need more of your love and care. They will feel uncomfortable easily in new places and will cling closely to you. Your child will also get upset easily. If they do not get what they want, your child may even throw frustrated tantrums. When this happens, you have to keep calm and find the right method to soothe your child. Research by Professor Darcia Narvaez and his team at the Faculty of Psychology of the Notre Dame University in the US has shown that soothing your child properly will boost their brain development and will help them grow up to be a smart child. 

Language Skills Development 
Your child keeps chattering this month though your child uses the same words to express everything. Pay more attention and you will realise they have started to pronounce one or two simple words. Occasionally you may hear your child say "mom" and "dad". At other times, your child may say "mimi" when asking for a drink and "dadah" when seeing you leave for work. 

Cognitive Skills Development 
When your child is 11 months old, your child will be more interested in pictures with striking colours in books and magazines. You can also help your child explore further by giving them books made of fabrics or thick papers. Let your child hold the book while you read the story. Help them flip the pages by telling them how to do it, since they can only understand simple instructions at this age. 

Your child's physical and mental growth is so extensive that they require more of the right amounts of nutrition. Make sure that critical nutrients such as zinc, calcium, iron and nucleotides are found in their food. These nutrients are very important for your child's health. 

Another very important thing that you cannot miss is celebrating their first birthday! This is the moment to thank everyone for your child's development in the past one year and to introduce your little one to everyone in the family.

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