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Which childbirth technique is for me?

How are you preparing for the arrival of your new child? Well, the long-awaited moment is finally arriving. In order to ensure that everything goes as planned, let's experience more by learning about and joining prenatal classes like Bradley Method, Lamaze, hypno-birthing and breastfeeding classes.

Bradley Method
According to the Bradley method, natural delivery is the most beneficial for your child. That's why this programme aims to prepare you for natural labour. Renea Capozzi Cotto, Bradley instructor at the Academy of Husband Coached Childbirth, explained that the programme teaches you about nutritional information, and preparation and breathing techniques to minimise labour pains. The Bradley method also places emphasis on the dad's role during labour.

Lamaze helps you be prepared and confident during labour. Despite Lamaze's firm belief that natural labour is the best process, the programme takes a neutral stand on the medical advances and medicines used during labour. Other than learning breathing and relaxation techniques to overcome labour pain, you will also have access to other medical information such as caesarean and epidural anaesthetic procedure, to help you make the right decision during labour.

Hypno-Birthing or the Mongan method aims to train you to overcome labour pain. According to Carol Thorpe, a hypnotherapist, the class will provide training in self-hypnosis. The training will help mums to relax and maintain positive thinking while going through the labour process.

To better prepare yourself to welcome your bundle of joy, there are breastfeeding class for the last trimester. The class will teach you about early initiation of breastfeeding, correct breastfeeding positions, and general information on childcare.

Most importantly, be sure to meet and make friends with other mums in the class. Together, you can support each other through this wonderful time in your lives. And don't forget to snap pictures of yourself with the other mums too, as a keepsake of the friends you made during your pregnancy!