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The final 9 months of couplehood

The Mayo Foundation for Medical Education & Research says that the changes your body experiences during pregnancy will not only have physical effects like fatigue and nausea, but emotional ones too – and that's why it's so important to experience more comfort with morning or evening walks together with your husband or any other member of your family.

Apart from physical fitness, the relaxing exercise is also good for emotional and mental control. According to Molly Kimbal, a dietrician at the Ochsner Clinic Foundation, walking helps pregnant women relax thanks to the release of endorphins. Just be sure not to overexert yourself!

Morning walks
When you walk in the morning, you can listen to birds' chirping and actually stop to smell the roses – or any flowers, for that matter! Ask your husband to keep you company, as this provides you time together, not just to appreciate each other, but also to have conversations about your future bundle of joy.

Evening walks
You can also walk around the park in the evening and admire the stars in the sky. What would be fun is if you ask your husband to snap a photo of the silhouette of your body with the park as the background. This will be yet another momento of your wonderful pregnancy experience!

And, of course, snap lots of photos of your walk! You'll want to treasure every moment of this pregnancy!