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farming for the future

How We’re Farming for the Future

As a dairy cooperative, our mission is to provide children and mums like you with good nutrition now and in the future. But with an ever-increasing population and a planet with limited resources, the only viable way to meet this demand is through sustainable food production.


That’s why sustainability is important to us – so much so that we’ve made it our goal to be the most sustainable dairy company in the world, and to work with others to make a lasting positive impact.


Here's a quick look at how we put sustainability at the heart of everything we do – from farm, to supply chain, and for the people.

Setting the standard for sustainability on the farm

Maintaining a sustainable dairy farm means animals and their ecosystems must be healthy. With one of the highest animal health and welfare standards in the industry, we work to ensure the cows on our farms are healthy, and also produce milk more sustainably.

To help farmers ensure the sustainability of their farm, we developed the Biodiversity Monitor in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund and Rabobank. This first-of-its-kind tool enables dairy farmers to measure their farm's influence on biodiversity on the farm and beyond. With this information, farmers can take steps to cultivate a thriving ecosystem in their farm, while also reducing its burden on the environment.

On the emission side of things, we are the only dairy cooperative in the world that constantly measures the carbon footprint of the over 11,000 dairy farms we own. Our move to greener sources of energy has also seen us generate enough renewable energy to power 140,000 households in 2019.

Sustainability from grass to glass

Full control over our supply chain – from our farms to our production facilities – means we are able to guarantee high quality and sustainable production processes at every stage, while also minimising our impact on the environment. As a result of this, our greenhouse gas emissions have decreased by 20% over the last 30 years, despite an increase in milk production by 18%.

  • Recycling 95% of waste from our production facilities
  • Increasing the amount of recycled materials used in our packaging


solar panels
  • Working with green electricity and making energy efficient improvements in production and transport; and
  • Reducing our water usage in 2018 by 900,000m³ compared to 2017.
dairy development

Touching the lives of farmers globally through sustainability

You’d be glad to know we also use our expertise in sustainability to make a difference to others around the world. Since the 1980s, we've been sharing our knowledge about efficient and sustainable farming processes with dairy farmers in Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe through our Dairy Development Programme (DDP).


Did you know that we have reached more than 250,000 dairy farmers across the globe through our programme since then? Aside from helping them improve the quality of their milk and productivity of their cows, we support these farmers in getting access to the market so they can secure a better livelihood.

Building a sustainable future for all

Friso strongly believes that sustainability is the only way forward. So we act on it in every aspect of it – from grass to glass, from people to planet – to help create a sustainable future for ourselves and for your children.



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