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How Our Farmers Are Doing More With Less

With hundreds of cows to care for every day – let’s also not forget the never-ending rounds of chores to do on the farm – why are our farmers able to know every cow so well? Here’s how technology’s helping us do most of the hard-lifting, so we have more time and energy to make our cows (and us) happy!

Tracking her steps to better health

Think of it as activity trackers, but for cows. These sensors are worn around their necks and synced to our mobile devices to help us track their daily activities. We learn information like how many steps she has taken for the day, how long she had rested on the ground and when her mealtimes were. With all these  knowledge plus what we know from analysing her milk, we will then customise her food to ensure she has the right nutrients to produce the most nutritious milk. 


Letting her decide when she wants to be milked

You read that right. Our cows CAN actually choose their milking times, thanks to robots that also monitor their production and routine. Not only can each cow produce at her best state, it also prevents over milking. With better design, our cows now enjoy an easier milking experience while munching on snacks. Check out how totally relaxed they are!

Housekeepers that never complain

With programmable cleaning routes and schedules, super efficient robots help upkeep our barns with minimal fuss. They even return to their charging stations automatically once their tasks are complete.


Ensuring our grass is always greener

Using machines to fertilise our pastures is an effective way to save time and manpower. This also provides our cows with a constant supply of the nutritious grass they need to produce naturally nutritious milk.


Massaging cows make happier cows

Like a good massage, brushing our cows regularly with automated brushes helps them feel more relaxed with improved blood circulation. This pretty much sets them in the mood to make the best milk!



With the smart use of time and labour-saving technology, Friso farmers are using the extra hours and energy they now have to care more for our cows. Read the articles below to see what else we are doing to bring you the best of nature’s goodness.