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busting bacteria

Busting Bacteria - Seeing What Others Can’t

Anita exudes an air of fresh efficiency as she moves around her workspace. An all-round lab analyst, part of her job is to check the micro-organisms – bacteria count – in our milk. We go behind the normally closed doors of her lab to find out more about the rigours of her work.
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What’s it like to be in your lab coat?

No nonsense. My job is to keep check of the bacteria count in our milk. I analyse them to see what the naked eye can’t. This process is important as we need to be absolutely sure that our milk is not contaminated. So ery every day, you’ll find me testing all kinds of samples to ensure the quality and safety of our milk. That’s why our lab’s right next to the factory.

How many tests do you perform daily?

About 500 multiple tests. And that’s just for one single sample.

That’s a lot in one day! How’s it even possible?

I don’t do them all by myself. There are 6 of us in the department, so we work together and with other departments to get the job done. I enjoy the teamwork.

Do you only test milk?

We test milk throughout every production stage: raw, semi-finished and when it’s finally ready for the tin. We also test our packaging and environmental samples such as soil. We have to be sure that our milk is not contaminated by any means.

Does the job ever get stressful?

Of course. Especially when samples have to be re-tested and we’re short on time. But all these don’t matter because our milk’s quality and safety can never be compromised. That’s why you’re an all-round lab analyst!

Did you always want a job like this?

I find the quality aspect of my work very satisfying. And since I’m passionate about microbiology which is crucial for food safety, this job’s just perfect. I also like that there are many internal training courses that I can take to upgrade my skills and enhance my development.

What keeps you going?

To know what I do is helping young children grow up healthy. We take our work here on quality and safety very seriously. There’s just no two ways about it.