Getting creative with your shopping

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Getting creative with your shopping

By the time you're in the second trimester, you would probably know the sex of your child. This is the right time to experience more as you get what you need for their arrival! This includes everything from toys to a pram and even room decorations.

Why stick with the ready-made decorations? Get as creative as you can! Make a trip to the art supplies store, get some coloured paper, glitter and whatever else tickles your fancy, then make decorations of your own! Create stencils of airplanes or flowers, then paint the patterns on the wall! Create little animals out of cardboard that could sit around the room!

Your little one's eyesight won't be fully developed for a while, so the more colourful their toys, the better. Also, keep them big and soft, not just because they'll be fun for baby to hug, but because they're also safer for them. And while you're picking their toys, also keep in mind how you can create stories out of them. After all, they're not just toys, but props for cultivating your child's imagination!

The most obvious thing to take note of is how comfy it is. Your baby will be spending quite a bit of their time in their pushchair, so make sure they're enjoying every second of it! That's why you'll also want to find one with a full lie-back seat unit. And, depending on where you plan to bring baby, make sure the pram is fit for the environment. Walking around a lot? Make sure it's compact! Going shopping a fair bit? Find one with a large basket underneath the seat!

So, what's on your shopping list? Share it with us!

Shopping can be a real workout! Dr. Michelle Wright, the medical director of Health First Swiss, says that shopping is good exercise for your heart muscle and liver. Shopping with your husband will also make you very happy. But don't force yourself to carry heavy items and be sure to shop at less crowded during off-peak hours.

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