Make a splash!

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Make a splash!
Who would say no to a day at the pool? Certainly not you and your child! Splashing around in the water is an amazing way to Experience More Together with your little one. It brings you closer together in a fun atmosphere, and an environment that's always exciting and stimulating for your child – especially with activities like pretending to be sea creatures together or getting your child to swim for a goal.

Start them safe
Before making the trip to the pool, you'll want to educate your kid on swimming safety. Teach them the basics yourselves and even practice some simple swim moves on the bed together. You could even show them some safety videos online, just to reinforce your lessons. And, of course, be sure to get them suited up in proper swimwear. 

Play time! 
The best way to get your child used to the water is to make play a big part of it. Pretending to be fishes or following the motions of a dolphin or whale is a great way to amuse your child. You could even let them rest on your shoulders and pretend that they're riding on a tortoise's back! Water parks are good for this, with facilities like whirlpools and water slides. 

Reach for the ball! 
Once they're comfortable in the water, what you can do next is giving them the confidence to move around. A beach ball or any other floating toys are great for this! By placing these just out of their reach and encouraging them to swim for them, your child won't just be comfortable with moving around, but they'll be eager to make a splash! 

Letting them have their space 
It's no secret that a healthy and happy mom will have a positive effect on the child. By remaining calm and giving them enough independence, your little one will be able to overcome any anxieties they'll have. Pretty soon, it will become totally normal for them, and they'll manage without your assistance, even when they venture into deeper waters. 

And with all that in mind, don't forget to pack a waterproof case for your camera to capture the happy and cheerful looks of joy on your child's face while they're playing in the water! 
But before you start splashing around, consider the pool's cleanliness. The Better Health Channel of the State of Government of Victoria (Australia) said that poorly maintained pools contain bacteria, microbes and fungus, which cause ear, nose and throat irritation. No pool's 100% clean, so be sure to beef up your child's immunity, by ensuring that they're getting enough Vitamins A, C and E.

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