Fun at the beach

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Fun at the beach

How could you not want to Experience More Together with a day at the beach! Between playing in the water and relaxing on the sand, it's always a wonderful place for the entire family to have some fun – and for you to bond with your child with lots of experiences from teaching them about shapes with sandcastles to creating seashell necklaces.

Dressing for the occasion
Clothes make the day, so be sure to have the right outfits for you and your child. That includes loose wear for playing in the sand and keeping cool in the sun, and swim clothes for splashing around in the water.

Beach food
Be sure to pack food that's sufficiently fortified with Vitamin D. After all, a recent study by the University of Colorado's School of Medicine has shown that Vitamin D is 40% more effective in treating the flu. And since the sun's rays provide the body with Vitamin D, this is the perfect chance for you and your child to really build up your immunity! Sand castles… and more!
The first thing your child will do at the beach is play with the sand! Together, you can create castles or even draw pictures – all of which teaches them about shapes and animals. Explain how the castle is built out of squares and circles, and how its "moat" is filled with drawings of fishes. This stimulates their creativity, and increases yours too, as you come up with new ways to engage them in the sand!

Shell sensations!
Seashells are great souvenirs of a day at the beach, but they're also the perfect bits and pieces you need for an art project! Collect a bag of them, bring them home and go art crazy with your little one! Paint the seashells, or even make necklaces out of them! You could use them as decorations for your little one's room!

So, bring out the beach ball and lay the towel on the sand for a wonderful time by the sea! And, of course, don't forget to take photos and videos to share with us!

The outdoors comes with its own problems though. Pay attention when your child is playing with sand, where there's an abundance of germs and bacteria. Tomoyuki Shibata, an assistant professor at the Northern Illinois University, said that exposure to certain microorganisms may cause digestive disorders. But between the Vitamin D boost and your child's robust fitness, you don't have to worry!

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