How to help set up your child’s harmonious interactions in the future

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How to help set up your child’s harmonious interactions in the future

The bond between mother and baby starts from the day the baby is conceived. This bond becomes stronger as the fetus grows in the mother’s womb. After birth and especially for the first three years of a child’s life, it is very important to keep the bond through consistent and continuous emotional and reciprocal interactions between mother and baby. These interactions should also continue throughout the different developmental stages of the child.

Furthermore, bonding also plays an important role on the development of optimal attachment of the infant to his/her surroundings. An infant who feels secure develops a sense of trust even when there are threats. Ericson on his psychosocial development theory mentioned that an infant with a sense of trust could overcome the new crises in his/her life, as he/she believes that the mother and the environment will always be sources of support. It is really an optimistic way of thinking that gives the infant a new belief that social interaction is very important as a walking companion on life’s pathway. Researches have shown that good quality bonding and attachment is linked to the capability of getting along with friends, school achievements, and handling of stressful situations. This is what every parent wish for their kids, isn’t it?

The above experience is the first lesson for the infant on the important meaning of “social reciprocal interaction“. Withholding those experiences for positive interaction could, later in life, filter away many positive skills that are useful for their daily lives such as communication , self-motivation and finding a future career.

In conclusion, it is very important for us to show and share genuineness, warmth and care of the child from the beginning of early life. The active communication, understanding and empathy from parents, other adults and peer groups are necessities. Being a good role model and finding a good role model from their peers would help broaden their perspectives, horizon and capability for surviving the struggles later in their lives.

Tips for parents/caregivers:

1. Care and give love consistently to your kids 2. Show that you are interested to make a harmonious interaction with your kids

3. Express that you are always with them and support every little thing they do

4. Be a good role model in active communication by taking part as an active listener (never interrupting when someone is talking)

5. Interaction is a way to stimulate your kids, so by doing good quality interaction means that you also positively stimulate your child

6. Whenever you feel angry (with your child or others), please 'pause' by not talking or expressing your anger. Taking a short 'pause' is a good way to rethink and control your emotions. Soon after, when relaxed, start a more calm communication and interaction with your child.

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