Getting creative with recycled items

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Getting creative with recycled items

Think about how much fun it would be to Experience More Together with another creative activity for you and your child – by recycling discarded items into something exciting and imaginative! Whether it's creating their own mini-ecosystem or amusing them with colours or even using discarded items to create new toys for your child, you could get creative, while also teaching them the value of recycling.

Earth-friendly art
Got an old Tupperware that you weren't using anymore? How about turning it into your child's own little ecosystem, which allows them to further appreciate the wonders of nature! Seashells, pebbles, sand, even some grass – you can throw it all in to create a “living” work of art that they can call their own.

Crazy colours!
Get your child to fill up an old plastic soft drink bottle with water. Together, drop bits of coloured dye into the water – then add another colour to mix it all up! Keep this up for a while, then get your little one to shake the bottle up to see all the cool, crazy colours! If that's not enough, just throw some of their tiny toys into the bottle!

From boxes to wonders
While you may see another box to toss when you get a new appliance, your child may see a whole new world! Bought a new TV? That box will be just the right size for you and your little one to create a cardboard airplane for them. Got a new toaster for the kitchen? With some markers, glitter and a pair of scissors, you can transform it into a house for their toys!

Save the earth
While these activities are all fun, this is a great chance for you to teach your child the basics of why recycling is important and how it helps to “keep the earth happy!” With this in mind, every time you come across something that they can recycle into a new toy, ask them how they would do it and guide them along, as they get really creative!

You don't even have to wait long to try these out. This coming weekend is the perfect time to start! Ask dad or the older children to join in and encourage your little one. Remember to be creative – and show us what your child comes up with!
There are certain risks, of course. Paediatrician Dr. Martinus M Leman, DTMH, says that any item could contain germs, which may come in the form of dust, soil or water. That's why it's important to develop your child's immunity, by supplying your child with proper nutrition, so that they can comfortably teach them to recycle any item – like the environmentally friendly mom that you are!

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