Animal sounds!

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Animal sounds!

At this age, your little one's curiosity is starting to grow. Their sense of wonder is expanding beyond their immediate surroundings, which makes it a great time to Experience More Together with animal sounds – whether you're imitating pets, mimicking a lion's roar at the zoo, or even using their toys and bedcovers to introduce them to different animal sounds.

Copying the cat
You don't have to go very far to teach your child about animal sounds – especially if you've got a pet in the house. The next time your cat meows around you and your little one, imitate its sounds for your child. We're sure they'll get a real kick out of hearing those noises coming out from your mouth!

A roaring good time!
You can also mimic the noises – and the behaviour! – of other creatures too. Bring your little one to the zoo and when you get to the lion exhibit, let out a loud roar and paw at your child with your “claws”! You can do the same for other animals – squawk like a bird and flap your wings or slither and hiss like a snake!

Stuffed toy friends
Turn your child's toys into their friends with the help of animal sounds! When you bring out their stuffed doggy, bark happily at them while their toy plants kisses all over them.

Animal bedcovers
If your child's bedcover has animal characters printed on it, make a noise whenever they crawl over a particular animal. Keep this up and, after a while, they'll start to realise the cause-and-effect of their actions!

And, of course, don't forget to capture every moment of their cute expressions while they're listening to the animals sound – and share their joy with us!
Aside from teaching them about animal sounds, these activities are great for bonding between you and your child. Dr. William Sears, a paediatrician and writer from the US, said that a strong bond between mum and child plays an important role in shaping the child's character, and helps to develop an independent and cooperative personality.

These activities also focus on your child's senses and help stimulate their mind. After all, as stated on, in the first 5 to 12 weeks, up to 100,000 new brain cells will grow every second – and whatever your child sees, hears and feels will stimulate that growth.

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