All about the birds!

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All about the birds!

If there's one thing your child will want to know more about, it's birds! They'll see them around the neighbourhood or flying outside and will naturally be curious about these creatures. So, why not satisfy their curiousity by Experiencing More Together with activities like making bird noises, pretending to be a momma and baby bird and even creating your own bird toys!

Make some noise!
Bring your child to a zoo or bird park to learn more about the different types of birds around. At the exhibits, get them to listen closely to the sounds the birds make – then together with them, immiate those sounds loudly!

Birds of a feather flock together
After you get home from the bird park, ask them which bird was their favourite. Together, you can read up a bit more about it – then pretend to be that bird! Run around the house flapping your wings together, while squawking like the bird – and stack pillows and blankets together to creat your very own nest! When your little one's tired, “fly” over to the nest and let them nap while momma bird prepares their meal!

Making feathered friends
Creating birdy friends for your little one is easy! A bit of cardboard, a piece of string and some markers are all you need. Just cut out the shape of the bird in flight, colour it in, tie it to a piece of string attached to a stick and let it fly! If you find a feather while you're out, bring it home and paste it on the toy bird!

So, get ready to take flight with your baby bird with all the fun and laughter – and don't forget to capture every second of it and share it with us!
But these activities are more than just fun. They also help to develop your child's intelligence. According to the Child Development Institute, 75% of brain growth starts after birth and the games played by the child will boost the growth of brain cells and nerves.

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