Special surprises for grandpa and grandma

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Special surprises for grandpa and grandma
We bet your little one loves visiting their grandma and grandpa! So, why not Experience More Together by creating a special present for their grandparents? Making a card for them is easy – from preparing the card itself, decorating it and, finally, surprising grandma and grandpa with it!
Getting the card ready! 
Making a card is simple. Just fold an A4 sheet in half and voila! To make it sturdier, use carboard instead of paper. You could even make the card in a specific shape. If a dog is your child's favourite animal, why not make a card shaped like a fuzzy friend! Just draw the shape on one side of the folded sheet, then cut it out. Be sure to not cut along the fold! 

Time to decoarate 
When the card is ready, decorate it with your child! You can draw on it together or get them to paste their favourite stickers on it. Whatever they feel like doing, you should encourage it. This is their way of showing their creative side! 

Let's go see grandma and grandpa! 
Before you visit grandma and grandpa together, why not add one final touch? Get your child's grandparents' favourite cakes or pastries, and attach the card to it! Let the grandparents know that your child's prepared a special card for them, so that they can dote on their little one when you arrive! 

Don't forget to capture grandma and grandpa's expressions when they see the card – and your little one's reaction to their happiness! Then share it all here with us! 


By playing at grandpa and grandma's house, your child will get to know and feel closer with them. According to Dr. Janiece Pompa, a psychologist at the University of Utah, the presence of grandparents as adults (other than moms and dads) who shower love abundantly to your child is largely beneficial to your child's emotional development. Your child's interaction with grandpa and grandma will also improve your child's social skills.

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