Sing it out!

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Sing it out!

Now that your child is familiar with who their family members are, it's a great time for the two of you to Experience More Together by teaching them how everyone's related! The best way to do this is with a family tree, which you can make together, populate with photos of everyone, and then decorate together!

But why just sing with them when you can do so much more – like doing a little dance, putting on a family performance and even creating your own band! 

The spider dance 
This is a simple one that you can do any time! The Eensey Weensey Spider is a familiar tune to anyone. Familiarise your child with the lyrics and the dance moves – you can even use spider toys to make it easier for them to follow! When they've figured it all out, do a little dance together! Record yourselves and share it with the whole family! 

Welcome to Old McDonald's Farm! 
Song and dance is so fun that you could even rope the whole family in! A performance of Old McDonald's Farm means lots of animal noises. Together with your child, coordinate a performance with the whole family – dad, the siblings, even grandma and grandpa! If you want, you could even make simple animal masks for each member of the family, by drawing and cutting out animal faces from cardboard! 

Band together 
Why stop at just song and dance? You could make a whole concert out of it! Cut out guitar shapes from cardboard, get some old tins and chopsticks as a drum set, and even use the TV remote as a makeshift microphone for your little one! Play some of their favourite songs on the stereo, then sing and perform along! You could even get the whole family in on the act and put on a show for all the uncles and aunts! 

And, of course, don't forget to share all your song-and-dance videos with us here! Let the show begin! 

There's more to these experiences than just fun though. As child psychotherapist Robin Ballbernie said, playing with your child is a great way to cultivate better communication between your child and you – and good communication within the family will positive effects on your child's development!

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