Playing with the mirror

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Playing with the mirror

Playing is an ideal way for your child to learn new things and for you to Experience More Together! Bring out a mirror and you can play with your little one, while also teaching them about the different parts of their body – all by introducing them to their reflection, then playing a guessing game, and finally making funny faces in front of the mirror!

Say hello to your reflection!
Sit your little one in front of a large mirror. Make sure it's secure and there aren't any cracks or sharp edges, of course. Then all you have to do is let their natural curiosity take over! The mirror is probably a new thing for your child, so they'll want to explore their reflection for a while! You can even encourage them by going, "Look, sweetie! That's you!"

Introduce them to parts of their body
When your child has grown accustomed to their reflection, introduce them to the different parts of their body. Touch their face first and say, "That's your face!" while they watch in the mirror. Repeat this with each part. When you're done, play a guessing game with them. Call out a part and ask them to point it. Give them a clap for every right answer!

And now… funny faces!
Keep the fun going by making funny faces at the mirror! Make your child laugh at your silly expressions and even get them to join in!

Above all else, make sure you capture every moment of your child's mirror fun and share it with us! We can't wait to see how happy and surprised they are!
Playing in front of the mirror will help your child's development too. According to, this experience will help them exercise their eyesight and explore facial expressions. Interacting with you in this situation will undoubtedly support your child's social skills and emotional development.

Speaking of your little one's development, the secretary of the Nutrition Provision Program Coordination of the Indonesian Association of Paediatricians Dr. Sri Sudaryati Nasar, SpA, explained that now's a great time to introduce food that supplements breast milk as your child needs the energy, protein and microprotein that comes with such food.

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