Playing dress-up in the backyard

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Playing dress-up in the backyard
It's time Experience More Together with your child in the backyard! And why not mix things up a bit by playing a bit of nature-themed dress-up and storytime? This gives your child the choice of roles to play, which boosts their imagination and creativity! In the book Children, Play, and Development, Fergus P. Hughes explained that roleplay helps with communication, problem solving and empathy.
Giving your child the chance to have control over the world and characters will indirectly develop your child's self-confidence too. And you'll have plenty of fun with your costumes – from taking photos and making their own picture book to creating their own mini-movie and even putting on a show for everyone in the family! 

Creating the costumes! 
You've got all of nature to pick from when it comes to a costume! Colourful butterflies are a safe choice and you can make a pair of butterfly wings with coloured cardboard and a piece of rope to tie the wings onto your child's shoulders. If you want to make a flower costume, that's easy too – just use that coloured cardboard to make a simple hat in the shape of flower petals! You could even make one for yourself! 

Make a picture book 
Once you've got the costumes settled, it's time to make up the stories! Together with your child, create a fun tale and then snap some photos of yourselves acting out different scenes from that story. When your mini-photoshoot's done, paste the pictures in a scrapbook and write out the story. Use captions or even speech bubbles like a comic book! 

Lights, camera, pretend! 
A picture book is one way to go, but you could even film your little one acting out their story. Make sure to play a part in this little tale, so that they don't get too camera shy. Once you're done, upload the video for the whole family to see! 

Backyard theatre 
You could also put on a whole show for the family! Build sets with cardboard boxes, create more costumes for dad and your other children, then invite the rest of the family and friends over to watch the performance! Make a whole day out of it too – once the show's over, have a nice picnic with everyone! 

Whatever it is, be sure to show everyone how proud you are of your little butterfly or flower by sharing your day of roleplay with us! 

Research done by the University of Chicago and Stanford University has shown that children that are showered with compliments from their parents for hardwork tend to have stronger character and resilience in facing different challenges and problems in life.

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