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Where does quality milk start from? (Hint: It’s not the cow)

Caring for the grass, not just the cows

If you haven’t guessed the answer already, the source of quality milk is the grass that cows feed on.

The more nutritious the grass, the better quality the milk they produce.

You see, Friso farms are farmer-owned. This means our farmers care for the grass that their cows feed on, as well as the soil the grass grows on. They manage the pastures year-round, rotating grazing between fields so their cows always have the freshest grass to eat.


Fresh pasture for free-range grazing

We’ve over 11,000 member dairy farms in the Netherlands, and an average of 100-200 cows per farm.1 Our cows are free-range.The average size of a Friso dairy farm is about the size of 120 football fields combined2.  They’ll have more than enough of the freshest grass to feed on.

Top View Cows

Healthy pastures to last for generations

Ever wondered how Dutch farms keep producing quality milk for decades? Well, not only does the government support us, our farmers also work together to keep the land as healthy as possible. They use farming practices with low impact on the land and the environment.

 All this care and attention we pour into the land and the grass we feed our cows is the first step to how we produce quality, nutrient-rich milk for your child.



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