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Three Crucial Questions you never thought to ask about Formula Milk

Have you ever stood at the supermarket aisle, carefully scrutinising the ingredients on the different tins?  Well, if choosing a formula milk of high quality is really important to you, it's time to dig a little deeper. That's because how the formula was made and processed makes a difference to its quality. 

Here are three "Quality Control" questions you should ask before deciding on a tin of fomula: 


1. How is the milk kept fresh?

What you need to know is, milk that is freshly collected from cows has to be stirred every 2 minutes until the milk truck comes. Its temperature must also be kept at no high that 4 degree celsius at all times, to retain maximum freshness. 

Milk to powder with texture

2. How was the milk turned into powder?

Do you know that too much heat can destroy the natural nutrient in milk. Natural nutrient is what we call an essential amino acid (lysine) in milk protein. That's why we keep the heat low in the process of turning our milk into powder, so this natural nutrient doesn't get lost. 


3. How many times was the milk processed?

We believe that milk from cows should only be processed once, as natural nutrient can be lost through over-processing. A single manufacturing process preserves the structure of natural nutrient in milk protein. 

So now you know. By asking these three questions about any formula milk, you'll know right away if you've chosen a quality one for your child.