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See who rules the road in this dairy country

In the Netherlands, cows rule. Can you believe that there are 18,000 dairy farms, and more than 1.6 million cows producing over 12.7 billion litres of milk each year1? That’s how big dairy is here. Take a look at just how much it’s part of the Dutch way of life.


Cows Always Go First

The love for all things bovine can be especially seen in the Dutch town of Voorst, where cows have priority over motorised vehicles at a road crossing2,enabling them to go from a field to the milking machine of their stable.


Eat, Drink Milk & Be Merry

In most countries, milk is usually associated with kids. However, you can step into a Dutch office at lunchtime and witness a row of Dutch men in suits, happily slurping down their glasses of milk.


Lactose Intolerance Is Rare Here

They say that the Dutch live and breathe dairy. It’s no wonder because only 1% of Dutch people are lactose intolerant3. Besides milk, cheese is the nation’s favourite food.


Among The Tallest In The World

We all know that milk is beneficial for growth, and the Dutch are known to be brought up on a diet where milk is a staple. So it’s no surprise that the average Dutchman is more than 1.84m and the average Dutch woman about 1.70m4 – making them amongst the tallest people in the world.

Now you know that the Netherlands is a country where dairy is a priority. Who better to bring the best quality milk to your little one?



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