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Pasture-Raised Guide – For the Love of Milk

All you need to know about the grass-fed milk from our pasture-raised dairy cows.

Friso’s grass-fed dairy milk comes mostly from Holstein-Friesian cows that are outdoor-grazing and also given customised feeds. These feeds are tailored to each individual cow, adjusted according to age, lactation, quality of milk and other facets of their health. From farm to table, this complex labour of love involves a great deal of know-how, which ensures the quality of nutritious NOVAS Signature Milk.   

Are you feeding your child with good milk from good cows? 

Friso’s dairy cows are of a superior breed and are raised on FrieslandCampina member farms. These happy and healthy cows are grass-fed and pasture-raised. Their individual feeds are adjusted to meet their nutritional needs, so that they will produce high-quality milk, from which NOVAS Signature Milk is made.

To ensure safety, quality and sustainability throughout all aspects of this process, Friso farms and suppliers adhere to the Foqus planet Program. This quality, safety and sustainability assurance program safeguards milk quality by strictly regulating all farming practices and production processes, from the feeding and nurturing of the cows to the storage and distribution of their milk.  


How do Friso farms customise feeds? 

These cows are individually tagged so that farmers can easily access critical information like a cow’s age, milk production and amount of feed needed. FrieslandCampina member farmers know their cows very well. Some of these farmers use high-tech sensors that help them monitor their cows more closely and take better care of them. 


Most FrieslandCampina farmers apply outdoor grazing, which entails raising their cows on grassy meadows. The feeds consist of grass and maize that are grown by these farmers mainly on their own dairy farms. 

Friso dairy farmers are only allowed to buy feed from GMP+ certified companies, scope responsible dairy such as sustainable soya bean meal. These companies are also part of an organisation that guarantees the quality of the feed. The composition and nutritional value of the grass are carefully considered when the ration of each cow is customised. 


Our member dairy farmers work in close collaboration with a certified veterinarian to promote animal welfare and implement preventive health measures. Finally, a group of assessors monitor each farm to make sure that they fulfill the requirements of the Foqus Planet Standard, which includes the stringent regulation of animal feed and drinking water quality. In short, obtaining superior milk starts with a deep understanding of and caring for our cows. 

Give your children the best growing up milk formula. NOVAS Signature Milk is renowned for its nutritional value, because its production is a meticulous endeavour that incorporates cutting-edge science and generations of experience.