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Milk Digestion: How NOVAS Signature Milk could support its digestion process?

Is milk good for your digestive system? How long does it take for milk to digest in my child’s stomach?

Concerned parents often wonder whether milk is good for kids’ digestive systems. How does milk benefit our digestive system? How long does it take for milk to digest? We’re happy to answer all your burning questions. 

small molecules

A high-quality milk source like NOVAS Signature Milk is low in casein mineralisation, which contains small molecules with soft structure*. NOVAS Signature Milk has low level of casein mineralisation, which is known to form soft curd particles that are easily digested in the stomach**. 


NOVAS Signature Milk is processed by LockNutriTM Technology, which preserves and locks in milk’s natural protein. High heat treatments, which are often used in milk production, damage the natural structure of the milk protein. LockNutriTM Technology, however, uses mild heat treatment that locks in more than 90% of the natural nutrient, which refers to an essential amino acid (lysine) in the milk protein.

Milk is generally digested within three to four hours, depending on its composition. Upon digestion and absorption, it endows the body with essential amino acids, which are the basic building blocks of protein and life. The body can only synthesise 11 out of the 20 amino acids that it needs, so the other 9 need to be supplemented through our diet. Milk is also a source of calcium which helps build strong bones and teeth, along with essential minerals like phosphorus, potassium and iodine, and vitamins like B2 and B12. 

Quality milk is a good way of providing growing children with the nutrients they need. Even if your child has a sensitive stomach, there are special types of milk powder tailored to the needs of different children. 

Milk aids many bodily functions. Let’s support the health of our children’s digestive systems – a healthy gut is the key component of a strong immune system and provides them with the energy that they need to enjoy new experiences. 

People of all ages can benefit greatly from the goodness of milk, so gift your child the best head start in life. 


*Refers to non-micellar caseins with gentle bonds

**Huppertz T & Lambers T, 2020