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Mum preparing ingredients to cook

How to keep recipes natural and nutritious

When it comes to your child’s food, it’s important to give him or her the right nutrients with every meal. Besides choosing the types of food to feed your little one, do you know the right food preparation process is just as important? This is so that your child gets the most nutrition in every bite.

Preserve natural nutrients in your kitchen

You could get the most out of the fresh fruits, meat, and vegetables in your child’s diet by simply using the right cooking method. Most nutrients tend to get destroyed in high temperatures but don’t fret as finding the right cooking method to cook your baby’s solid food is simple! Preserving the natural vitamins and minerals found in common ingredients is as simple as maintaining a low heat cooking method. We explain how in our Nutritorials below. 

Quick Tips


Diced Pumpkin

2.5cm cubes for even cooking 

Boiling Pumpkin Soup

Add 3cm-5cm of water 

Steaming Pot

Steam at medium heat


Liquid preparation

Prepare liquid (try milk, herbs & spices)

Adding the fish into pan

Prepare liquid (try milk, herbs & spices)


Cook for 5 minutes



Keep the crown on 

 Wash in a colander

Wash in a colander 

Dry with towel

Dry with towel

Whether it’s steaming pumpkins at medium heat or stir-frying spinach without water, it’s important to prepare your child’s food properly with these simple cooking methods to preserve the natural nutrients. Starting your little one on solid foods is easy (and nourishing). Try it today!