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Happy babies come with good digestion

It is important to maintain and protect your child’s digestive health as this impacts his well-being and long-term health. This should be done in a combination of ways, including taking note of his nutritional needs, as well as specialised healthcare and treatment.

Understand your child's digestive system

Before embarking on the journey of protecting your child’s digestive health, you should take some time to get a better understanding of a child’s incomplete digestive system, how it works (and where it differs from an adult’s), and learn about the requirements of his nutritional needs to better meet them throughout the various stages of your child’s development.

protectingdigestive_1_1_digestivesystem_0 (1)

Learn about the characteristics of children's incomplete digestive system


Learn about children's specific nutritional needs at each stage of development

Meet your child's nutritional needs

At different stages of development, your growing child needs a balanced diet filled with nutrients including vitamins and minerals. These are essential and will help promote healthy growth and development in your child. Ensure that your child is well nourished by preparing meals packed full of protein, carbohydrates, fat, calcium and fibre.

In preparing healthy meals for your child, also ensure that:

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Age-appropriate food and the right quantity is provided

protectingdigestive_2_2_ingridients (1)

Sufficient variety of ingredients is included in every meal

protectingdigestive_2_3_feeding (1)

Proper feeding care and education is given, with essential nutrients for healthy development

protectingdigestive_2_4_vitamins (1)

Meals are supplemented with sufficient trace elements that aren’t found in regular foods

Take general healthcare preventions

In addition to your child’s food and nutritional needs, general prevention measures should be taken to help protect your child’s digestive health from risk. This includes:

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Ensuring environmental sanitation

protectingdigestive_3_2_cleanwater (1)

Using clean water and safe tools in meal preparation

protectingdigestive_3_3_immunisation (1)

Providing routine immunisation for your child according to age schedules

protectingdigestive_3_4_allergy (1)

Paying attention that your child is not allergic or has reactions to proteins in cow’s milk

Digestive healthcare and treatment

As much as you can help to protect your child’s digestive health with preventive measures and a healthy diet, it’s also important to focus on digestive healthcare as part of your child’s overall care as there are times when some digestive issues cannot be resolved.

Should your child display symptoms of digestive disorders such as indigestion, vomiting, bloating, diarrhoea, constipation or abdominal pain, early detection and treatment as advised by your child’s paediatrician is recommended. This helps prevent deterioration of your child’s condition, and enables you to make timely modifications to your child’s nutrition and diet to help manage and improve the situation.

protectingdigestive_4_1_diarrhoea (1)

Early detection of digestive disorders such as indigestion, vomiting, bloating, diarrhoea, constipation and abdominal pain

protectingdigestive_4_2_diet (1)

Timely modification of nutrition and diet

protectingdigestive_4_3_treatment (1)

Early treatment of digestive disorders under pediatrician's instruction

protectingdigestive_4_4_overallcare (1

Focus on digestive healthcare as part of your child's overall care