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keep your toddler hydrated

Hacks to keep your toddler hydrated

Do you ever wonder if your active tot is getting enough water? Actually, it’s very important that he or she does. Besides milk and juice, being well hydrated is very important to your little one’s digestion, and preventing constipation. In fact, it is recommended that your child takes 1-2 cups of water daily1.


Here are some tried and tested hacks to get your child to drink enough water2:

infused water

Fruit-infused water

Plain water might be boring for your kid, so spruce it up with some colour and natural flavour. Simply cut up some of  her favourite fruit like strawberries, blueberries or orange and have fun infusing the fruit in water.


Crazy straw time

As we all know, kids love straws! You can inject some intrigue and fun with curly straws, colourful straws, stainless steel straws or even mustache straws.

potty illustration

Pee colour check

Teach your child to check the colour of her urine the next time she goes to the potty. Make it a challenge to drink more to get her urine lighter coloured for a small reward.

With these fun, water-drinking ways, your child can stay well-hydrated and keep constipation at bay.



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