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Family with Pets

6 Reasons to Raise Children with Pets

Pets are known to bring adults benefits like lowering blood pressure and reducing stress, but did you know that there are many advantages to raising children with pets too? Whether it's a cat, fish or hamster, pet ownership brings us more than just fun. Here are 6 reasons why getting a pet can be a great and natural way to grow with your kids[1] .


Benefit #1: Pets teach kids values

Having a pet is a big responsibility, and this is something that toddlers can pick up on too! Even if the adults may be doing most of the work, toddlers can naturally grasp how kindness and responsibility impact others by observing how their parents take care of pets.1


Benefit #2: Pets are good for everyone’s health

Researchers have found that children exposed to dogs or cats are less than half as likely to develop common allergies than those who have no pets at home. Studies have also shown that children who live with dogs develop fewer respiratory problems and less frequent ear infections.1,2,3


Benefit #3: Pets boost self-esteem

Children's self-esteem and self-confidence are influenced by the positive feelings they develop for pets. When there's a lovable domestic animal to talk to, and play with, a growing toddler gains more opportunities to feel good about him or herself.1, 4


Benefit #4: Pets are good for children who have learning difficulties

Children with autism or other learning difficulties may find it hard to interact with people. However, some find themselves relating better with pets, which is a stepping stone towards interacting with people. Also, playing with pets can help regulate stress and frustration caused by learning difficulties.1


Benefit #5: Pets encourage nurturing

A professor of developmental studies has found that adults learn to be nurturing not by being nurtured as a child, but by being caregivers when they are young. Pets are a great way for young children to develop their nurturing skills.1


Benefit #6: Pets bring the family closer together

Last but not least, having a pet can give every family member an additional focal point to gravitate towards. In the process of caring for a pet, parents and kids share not only responsibilities, but also moments, laughter and even tears5 – each essential for the family to grow together naturally.