Formula milk: A guide to selecting what's suitable for your child

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Formula milk: A guide to selecting what's suitable for your child

We can’t stress enough about the importance of breast milk as the main form of nutrition for your young child under the age of one or two. However, if formula milk is needed as a supplement or substitute in special circumstances, there are many considerations in making this important decision. It can be overwhelming with so many options, from the different types of formula milks to the various brands available.

When selecting formula milk for your child, first and foremost consider your child’s nutritional needs, then the form it comes in, the dominant protein and type of carbohydrates it uses, and the other ingredients and nutrients that it provides. Always consult your healthcare professional before deciding to use formula milk, or if you have difficulty breastfeeding.

Other considerations to take note of:

Follow the instructions from your health care professional for children if formula is being used as treatment (eg. Hydrolysed milks, lactose-free milks, etc.)

Select established and reliable brands

Select age-appropriate formula milks

Carefully review expiration date, storage conditions, as well as instructions on accurate dosage

Ensure that formula milk chosen is suitable for children (e.g. Allergies, taste, etc.)

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