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6 tricks to try on your fussy eaters

6 tricks to try on your fussy eater

You’ve just prepared a nutritious meal for your little one. Alas, your fussy eater just won’t have it. Take heart mum. It’s normal for babies and toddlers to like a certain food one day and push it away the next. Fussy eating is part of a growing child’s development. It’s how they explore their surroundings and assert their independence.1


How do you ride out this fussy eating phase? With patience and some creativity. Here are six tricks you can try to make mealtime more pleasant and still ensure your little one gets the nutrition she needs:

#1 – Get creative

Make food attractive with pops of colours, shapes and sizes.

#2 – Touchy feely

Try letting your child touch the food before you offer it.

#3– Open mic

Turn the spoon into a mic and sing her favourite tunes as you feed.

#4 – Switch off all distractions

Turn off the TV, remove toys and books, so she can focus on one thing: Eating.

#5 – Monkey see, monkey do

Where possible, have your child share meals with other children. She may be more willing to try something if she sees others tucking in.

#6 – Sneak attack

Hide a small amount of new food with food your child already likes.

Fussy eating won’t last forever. Many kids become less picky as they grow older and yours will too. Hang in there mum!



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