First Steps

Friso Gold Stage 2

For babies 6–12 months

The follow-on formula that gives your baby well-balanced nutrition and supports good gut health.

Young Explorer

Friso Gold Stage 3

For toddlers 1–3 years

The growing up milk specially formulated to support your child’s physical and mental development.

Bright Star

Friso Gold Stage 4

For children 3 years onwards

The growing up milk that supports your child’s natural defenses as they explore their world.

The Start

Frisomum Gold Stage 0

For expecting and breastfeeding mums

The first maternal milk with prebiotics and probiotics for mums to get the nutrition they need.


Friso Gold Milk Cereal

For babies 6 months onwards

Rice-based or wheat-based cereals specially formulated to help your baby start on solid food.

LockNutri technology

Natural nutrient. Easy on tummy.

Overheating leads to a loss of nutrients. LockNutri technology preserves nutrient in its natural form.

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Every experience is an opportunity for your child to develop and learn. Friso Gold helps them to grow stronger inside to experience more with you.

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