Getting everything ready for labour

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Getting everything ready for labour

The long-awaited moment is almost here! Get ready to experience a whole lot more of motherhood, as you prepare yourself for labour. How exactly should you prepare for this special moment? Well, packing is key, especially as you near your eighth month. And it's always best to be as comprehensive as possible, whether it's packing for labour-related items or post-delivery items.

Labour-related items
This is definitely the more important of the two bags. It should be filled with:

  1. Important documents and contact numbers.

  2. Spare clothing like a nightgown and thin t-shirts for your comfort.

  3. Sandals and socks to keep your feet warm at the hospital.

  4. Snacks and drinks for whenever you're feeling peckish.

  5. You can also bring books or a MP3 player to keep yourself entertained during your stay at the hospital.

Post-delivery items
While not as urgent as the first bag – if you're missing anything from here, your husband can help you get it – this bag's items are definitely good-to-haves for your comfort. It should be filled with:

  1. Nursing bra and nipple cream for breastfeeding.

  2. Breast pads to keep breast milk from spilling.

  3. Front-buttoned t-shirt or nightgown to help you breastfeed.

  4. Spare clothing for when you're discharged from the hospital. Make sure you bring loose and comfortable clothes. Dr. Marjorie Greenfield, writer of The Working Woman's Pregnancy Book, said that after your successful delivery, your womb will stay as large as it was in the 5th month.

  5. Get diapers and other items such as talcum powder and wet tissue ready for your child.

  6. Other than clothing and a blanket for your child, you may also want to put gloves in the bag to protect your skin from being scratched by your child.
Be sure to capture each step of your preparation as a memento in your wonderful motherhood journey! And, most importantly, remember that your husband's there with a camera handy for when your little bundle of joy finally arrives!


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