Eighth-month questions

Pregnancy Guide

Eighth-month questions

You're so close now! But keep on your toes. At this stage, you may start to experience more mood swings though, which is perfectly normal to a certain extent. Let's find out more about your body and your child's development.

Changes in your body 
Mood swings happen when you stress yourself out in anticipation of the big day, as welll as changes in metabolism. Hormones may also be a factor as rapid changes of oestrogen and progesterone will affect neurotransmitter, a chemical substance in the brain responsible for your mood. 

There are various ways for you to overcome the pre-baby blues, and relaxation is one of them. You can also share your feelings with your husband, and family members or friends. Lastly, keep yourself active with reading, watching TV, exercises or listening to music. However, please do not do anything too tiring. 

Embryo Development 
Your child is becoming more and more active in your womb, moving at least 10 times every two hour! Their position has changed as well. They're now sitting at the bottom of the womb. Their lungs are fully functional and the placenta is developed too. 

Your child now weighs 1.4 - 1.8 kg and is 27 - 29 cm long. Given the size, your child does not have much room to move around anymore. Their skin is longer and wrinkled, as layers of fat have formed. The fat keeps them warm when they're born. 

As the due date approaches, you might worry about potential delivery issues. Though it may seem trivial, that worry may cause painful contractions to your body. Hypnobirthing is advised to keep you calm in anticipation of delivery. Hypnobirthing is a technique to relax your mind during delivery. When moms are clam, their muscles will relax as well. 

You can practise hypnobirthing any time, starting from the third trimester or two weeks prior to delivery. Such exercises help your body produce endorphins to substitute the stress hormone. Get your hubby to relax too, as he has to stay by your side when it comes to delivery. 

It's one more month! We know you're excited, but keep your cool – and soon, you'll be holding your little bundle of joy in your arms!

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