Sixth-month questions

Pregnancy Guide

Sixth-month questions

You are experiencing more changes during this period. You may have gained one or two kg, and may experience a bit of skin problems. But don't worry! Skin problems during pregnancy are common and easily cured. Read on and we'll tell you more about yours and your baby's development!

Changes in your body

During this period, changes in your body are becoming more and more obvious. Besides your breasts, your skin will also undergo some changes. Skin folds at the neck, thighs and armpits will become darker and black spots will appear. The same spots may also appear on the forehead, nose and chin. Don't worry though! Consult your doctor for the best and safest solution for you and your child.

Your tummy is growing bigger as well! And you will gain 2 – 5 kg. Control your appetite to maintain your weight and make yourself as comfortable as possible. Be extra careful when you have to change positions from lying to sitting to prevent yourself from feeling dizzy or faint.

Embryo Development
The most significant changes for your child are that their sense of touch and taste are developing. Your child will make the most of this transformation by touching their face and other body parts. As for their sense of taste, all your child can taste now is the amniotic fluid. Not really much else for the moment, little one!

With such changes, you definitely require nutritious food for your health, as it affects your child's health as well. According to the American Society for Nutrition, prebiotics may help in bowel or diarrhea symptoms. Such symptoms are known to be common among pregnant women. Prebiotics, present in Frisomum Gold, are also good for the digestive system.

Things are still looking good, so don't fret! Just keep looking after yourself and your little one should be just fine!

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