Fifth-month questions

Pregnancy Guide

Fifth-month questions

You can experience more with your child now! Layers of fat have formed to keep your child warm and comfortable. Your child's muscles and joints have also developed. And you'd better pick up a nice song to sing to your child now because they can hear you already! You must have a couple of questions about your development, as well as that of your child's – and we're happy to help!

Changes in your body

Your breasts will have started to grow larger. Breast growth is stimulated by the active mammary gland. Make sure you're wearing comfortable and larger bras made of soft and sweat-absorbing materials with comfy straps during your pregnancy.

Embryo Development
The biggest development is that your child can now hear things outside of the tummy! Your child's ears are should be fully developed by now, so start praising, singing and soothing your child. This helps stimulate your child's hearing and encourages your child to respond.

Somewhere between week 18 and 20, you can really start feel your child's movements! Your child will also respond when you talk or move around. Get everyone in the family to touch your tummy!

To enhance the development of new cells during pregnancy, you should consume nutritious food that is rich in folic acid, which is not only good for you, but also your child. A pregnant woman needs 600ug of folic acid per day. Folate taken before and during early pregnancy, helps in the mental/normal and overall development of foetus.

Therefore, consume more food rich with folic acid such as green vegetables, bread paste, wheat and lentil, as well as Frisomum Gold. Don't forget to add these to your next shopping list.

And most importantly, spend this time appreciating the miracle that is the beautiful baby growing inside you!

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