Second-month questions

Pregnancy Guide

Second-month questions

You're entering the second month now! Your tummy isn't showing too much yet, but your child is quietly growing. With each day that passes, however, you're experiencing more changes in your body, while your bundle of joy slowly develops inside you.

Changes in your body

At this stage, you may start to feel uncomfortable about your physical fitness. Don't worry though – this is common during early pregnancy. At this stage, your body is producing various hormones, which cause morning sickness, irregular mood swings and other discomforts. The hormones serve to keep you and your child safe during the pregnancy, delivery and breastfeeding periods.

For example, progesterone will strengthen your womb muscles to support the placenta and to prevent womb muscles from contracting. The hormone will also stimulate mammary gland enlargement. Oestrogen, produced by the placenta, helps reproductive tissue and blood production in your body. The Human Chorionic Gonadothropin (hCG) hormone serves to boost oestrogen production in your ovaries and withhold menstruation to maintain pregnancy.

Embryo Development

By now, the developing embryo in your womb is 13-15 gram in weight and 10-12 mm in length. Although it is very tiny, it will keep growing as time goes by. In the second month of pregnancy, its organs like hands, feet, fingers, lips and nose are developing slowly.

To support your child's development, you must keep yourself fit. One way is to consume enough calcium during your pregnancy. Dr. Ridwan, SpOG, explained, in his article Pregnant Woman's Requirement for Calcium, that pregnant women require 1000mg calcium per day. Lack of calcium may cause muscles cram and impact your child's bone and tooth development.

You can get calcium in food such as cooked spinach, cheese and low-fat vanilla yoghurt. To complement it, drink milk for pregnant mums, like Frisomum Gold, which is rich in calcium and other nutrients.

You're getting closer to having one more member of the family! Yes, you have concerns and worries, but those are all natural. Just make sure to enjoy this magical time in your life!

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