First Year: 7 months-old

Learning and Experiences

First Year: 7 months-old

Your child will become more active when they're seven months old! Their motor skills, as well as visual and cognitive skills, will develop tremendously. Please watch your child's eating pattern and diet. With a better digestive system and eating habits, you can introduce more nutritional food to your child, so that they have more energy to play and explore.

Motor Skills Development 
As your child's back is getting stronger, they should be able to sit properly now. To stimulate the soft motor skills, give your child opportunities to sit unassisted. Research by Rebecca Woods, an assistant professor of human behaviour and family science and a psychologist at the North Dakota State University in the US, has shown that babies learn better when they sit down. When your child is able to balance their body, it is easier for your child to reach out and explore surrounding objects. Not only will your child stare at an object, but they will also touch it, which in turn helps them learn and stimulate brain development. At this age, your child's teeth will start to grow as well. You can buy a teether or finger food the size of your child's fist to help your child get rid of the pain of their gums. 

Social & Emotional Skills Development 
At this stage, your child still has anxiety towards stranger. Your child will tend to withdraw when they see or meet someone new. Child development experts agree that stranger anxiety is part of the development process and it will reach its peak when your baby is 12 – 15 months old. You can train your child to overcome this anxiety by taking them out to grandma's, relatives' or your neighbour's house, to get them used to new environments and people. 

Language Skills Development 
The atmosphere at home becomes more cheerful as your child is able to utter consonants. They will relentlessly repeat sounds. To make it more fun, you can record your child's voice and let them listen to the recording. Your child may respond to the recording by repeating the sound. This activity is also good to exercise your child's language skills. But make sure you're paying attention! While you are playing, your child may surprise you and say "mom" for the first time! 

Cognitive Skills Development 
Your child's ability to understand your expressions and body language is an indication of their cognitive skill development. Your child is able to read the change in tone or facial expression when you are happy or upset. 

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