First Year: 12 months-old

Learning and Experiences

First Year: 12 months-old
Happy Birthday! Your child is exactly a year old and has become more active, braver and smarter. Let's celebrate this precious moment and support your child in their adventures. Make sure your little one is always healthy and in a safe environment to play and explore.
Motor Skills Development 
At this age, your child weighs three times their birth weight. The regular solid food is the reason behind your child's weight gain. Although they can now digest solid food, you must remain careful when selecting easily digestible food for your child till they're two. During this period, your child's digestive system is very sensitive. This is also a good moment to teach your child to eat at the table together with mom and dad. Other than crawling and walking slowly with no assistance, your baby is now able to sit down and eat properly. 

You have to watch out for your child's immune system though. Their interaction with unhygienic objects and environments is starting to increase. Give your child food with good bacteria like prebiotics to improve thei digestive system. 

Social & Emotional Skills Development 
When your child plays with you, they share their toys with. This is a good sign that your child's aware of their surroundings and the people closest to them – and they're not shy about expressing love to you through smiles, hugs or kisses. Your child is, however, still shy around stranges and doesn't like to be separated from you. 

Language Skills Development 
As in the previous months, your child can only utter the same word for all expressions. It does not necessarily mean their vocabulary has not expanded. At this age, your child has dozens, if not hundreds of words registered in their mind. They simply cannot pronounce the words correctly and that's why everything sounds like a mumble. To help your child pronounce the words correctly, you can actively converse with your child. When your child points at a doll and says, "Aaahhh", you can continue by saying, "Aaahhh, yes, it's a doll.." This will help your child to match a word to an object. 

Cognitive Skills Development 
Your child's memory has improved. They can even look for toys and remember where they were last. According to the research by the University of Washington's Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences, babies at this age are able to memorise words of different languages if they are regularly exposed to those languages. The research also revealed that babies that are exposed to different languages at an early age will have better language skills in the future. Your child's brain works better now as shown in their quick responses to simple instructions, like when you ask them to grab a toy. 

As always, make sure your child does not miss any vaccination scheduled for the 12th month. This is the time for your child to receive their PCV vaccination to protect them from meningitis, bacteraemia and pneumonia. 

Other than vaccination, your child will also need nutritious food. But what happens if your child is a picky eater? Don't worry! Patience and creativity are the only two things you need to provide your child with a different meal each day. Most importantly, make sure you provide your child with foods that are rich in calcium, zinc, iron and nucleotides such as tomato, salmon, lentil and green vegetables. If your child does not fancy it, present it in shapes that your child likes.

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