Underwater outings

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Underwater outings

Weekends are always filled of fun. When you've got a day to spare, Experience More Together by exploring marine life – it's a great way to teach your kids about a whole new world. You could turn a trip to an aquarium or pet store into a fantastic learning experience through any number of ways – from pretending to be sea creatures to touching the animals and even interacting with other people at the aquarium.

Fishy creativity
Peter Gray, a professor in psychology research at the Boston College, strongly suggests that parents can stimulate creativity in their children by being in an environment that's conducive for children to play in. Have fun with your kids at the aquarium or pet store – from playing with the animals, or even pretending to be fishes or a momma octopus that wants to hug her baby with eight arms!

Bringing the fun home
Follow up on the fun you had during the trip with some activities at home. It could be as simple as drawing their favourite sea creature together – or you could work with each other to make origami shapes of fishes and create your own aquarium at home.

Getting to know the fish
A perfect opportunity for your child to learn about the wonder of the underwater world together with the entire family, these outings could expose them not just to the vast varieties of marine species, but also the different habitats. If your child wants to know more, ask the staff to elaborate. This could be the perfect chance for them to interact with someone outside of the family.

Colours and shapes
It's a great chance to teach the little one about colours and shapes by using the creatures or décor of the aquarium. Make a game of it! Create a scavenger hunt checklist and have them find a creature that corresponds with each colour of the rainbow, or find squares and circles around the aquarium.

But don't limit yourself to just our suggestions. Ask friends and relatives for more interesting places to bring your child for more opportunities to interact with marine life – and share those suggestions with other Friso mums!

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