The 1, 2, 3s of outdoor activities

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The 1, 2, 3s of outdoor activities
Look out!
Kids love scavenger hunts! Because it's task-oriented, your little one will be so engaged that they won't even realise that you're also teaching them! Plan out the items on the street that you want your child to find, but make sure that they have to find a certain number of them. So, for instance, they need to find 1 fire hydrant, 2 street lamps, 3 bicycles… and so on!

More than by the numbers!
Playing pretend is always fun for your child, but doubly so if you join in! Together with them, walk like a crab for the length of two street lamps. Once they're into it, mix it up a bit more! Wiggle and wave your arms like an octopus for the length of three street lamps, then pretend to swim like a fish for the length of four. While you're having fun, you're also teaching them about counting!

Making it clear
Always be clear what you're doing with these activities. Anne Carrington, a lecturer at the Faculty of Teaching of the University of South Australia, suggests that mothers should explain and demonstrate the objectives of the activities that they're planning. This stimulates children's curiosity and develops their cognitive abilities.

So, join in the fun and help show them that learning math is anything but dull! And, as always, get your video camera ready to capture your child's funny expressions and crazy crab movements, and share them with us!
Wherever you're engaging in these activities though, make sure you've helped build their natural immunity first with a healthy diet consisting of the right balance of vitamins and nutrients. After all, an article titled Your Child's Environmental Health describes how children are more prone to illnesses than adults when they come into contact with germs.

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